“The Other Side of Paradise” is a welcoming indie road movie…and (Arianne) Martin is a pert discovery.”

- The New York Post

“Chronicling the couple's one-on-one relationship issues and roadway encounters of the eccentric and downright traumatic kind, (The Other Side of Paradise) shifts tonal gears with ease, its trio of lead thesps registering realistically if not always engagingly.”


“(The Other Side of Paradise) walks a fine line between the satiric and the serious. Offbeat and amusing.”

- The Kansas City Star

“(Justin D. Hilliard), the director/co-writer displays a gift for incisive characterizations and all-too-realistically awkward dialogue that rings true. Another plus is the appealing performances by the three leads, who manage to invest their characterizations with intriguing elements of depth.”

- The Hollywood Reporter

“(The Other Side of Paradise) manages to be funny, wise, tender and well-nuanced while boasting a radiant, genuinely charming performance by Arianne Martin.”

- NYC Movie Guru